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Organizers Resources 

Your one stop source for guides and tutorials to assist you in your tasks as an organizer for the conference.

Whether you're a Track Chair, Co-chair, Reviewer or a Session Chair, the guides below have been developed to help you in the Web Tool system.

We will divide these guides into two sections, an Abstract Round and a Draft Round.
(If your conference has a Revised Paper Round, follow the instructions from the Draft Round. Papers are not reviewed in the Final Round.)

Not sure which paper round you are in? View our Publication Schedule for the current round.


Abstract Round


Submitting An Abstract

Call for Papers! If authors need assistance, guide them on how to submit an abstract to the Tool

Reviewing An Abstract (Track Co-Organizer)

A minimum of one review is required for each submission. Go to My Reviewing Assignments to review the abstracts.
Important note: You will not see this area if the track/topic has not received any submissions.
Reviewing An Abstract (Track Co-Organizer)
Reviewing An Abstract (Track Organizer)

As track organizers, you will want to go to the Reviewer Team Manager Panel to monitor and oversee the abstracts.

Draft Round


Review Process Demo

This video will demonstrate the process of reviewing papers in the Tool.

Paper Review Process Reference

This document is a guide that cover all topics during the draft review process. 
iThenticate Guidelines Check each paper according to the iThenticate Guidlines

Assigning Papers to Session(s)

Papers must first be assigned to a session under My Sessions and then clicking on the Agenda tab. (This task has been completed by ASME staff. Please proceed to assgining reviewers to papers)
Assigning Papers to Session(s) (Step-by-Step Guide) (This task has been completed by ASME staff. Please proceed to assgining reviewers to papers)
Assigning Reviewers to Paper(s) ASME requires a minimum of two reviewers per paper.
Assigning Reviewers to Paper(s) (Step-by-Step Guide)

Need Additional Help?

We are committed to assist you during the review process. We offer live weekly Zoom meetings and for expedited support, we recommend you submit a ticket to our Web Tool Help Desk Form.